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Past Sketches – part 2

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I updated setup on hugo a little, now scaled down images will be presented, which are automatically generated using Image Processing and Markdown Render Hooks.


Seras Victoria from Hellsing


Who knows…


King from One-Punch Man


Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon and Grid

Magic Code

Following snippet will generate preview images with width of 800px, save it in following path: layouts/_default/_markup/render-image.html.

{{ $src := resources.GetMatch (.Destination) }}
{{ $small := $src.Resize "800x" }}
<figure><a href={{ $src.RelPermalink }}><img
    src="{{ $src.RelPermalink }}" alt="{{ .Text }}"
    {{ if ge $src.Width "800"}}srcset='{{ $small.RelPermalink }} 800w'{{ end }}/></a>
    {{ if .Title }}<figcaption><h4>{{ .Title }}</h4></figcaption>{{ end }}