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MPD Satellite Android

Linux Networking Android

I will show how, I setup my NAS for streaming music to my Android phone, and another computers on my local network. Why such setup? It allows me to stream music without transcoding to my devices.


Past Sketches – part 2

sketches Fountain Pens hugo

I updated setup on hugo a little, now scaled down images will be presented, which are automatically generated using Image Processing and Markdown Render Hooks.


Past Sketches – part 1

sketches Fountain Pens

Let’s see how Hugo will serve images… I will use my scanned line-arts/sketches.



Welcome on my weird site… I hope you can enjoy it somewhat. Books subfolder is for mine COPS. If you are colleague, you can ask me for user and password combo ;) Please use proper ellipsis symbol… Don’t change them for some regular dots.
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